Basketball Basics

6 Basic things you need to know about the game of Basketball.

Women Can Talk Sports, Top 10 Women Talking Sports

Top 10 Women Talking Sports

My current Top 10 favorite women talking sports on TV, twitter, online, and in their everyday lives.

Winning in the Workplace

Sport is culturally unavoidable, and I passionately believe that women under-utilize the sports conversation in their personal and professional lives. Here I share 3 professional benefits of talking sports.

Flag on the Play!

That little yellow scarf the ref throws onto the field is a FLAG, and it signals that a rule has been broken and a penalty will be enforced on one the teams. Let’s break down the most common reasons a FLAG is thrown during a football game.

Football, Fifty Yard Line

Why Is There So Much Math in Football?

Understanding Downs is the most important football concept to unlocking the game. Don’t be intimidated if quick math isn’t your strong suit, downs are easy to understand. So, 1st and 10 here we go!