Meet Taryn

Brief Bio:

Founder, Women Can Talk Sports™

Education: B.A. Mississippi State University, M.L.A.S. Vanderbilt University

Miss Mississippi 2006, 3rd Runner Up to Miss America

Radio Co-Host Bulldog Sports Radio (vSporto)

Coolest Sports-Related Event to Date: Announced Opening Lineup for Mississippi State Football on ESPN College Game Day

In her own words…


Where did you grow up? Jackson, Mississippi

Favorite Team? Mississippi State Bulldogs

What brought you to Nashville? After graduating from Mississippi State University, I got an internship at Country Music Television in the corporate communications department (public relations). I moved to Nashville in January 2008 and never left.

What else have you been done since 2008? I worked in orthopedic medical device sales for 5 years while also obtaining my Master’s Degree from Vanderbilt. My thesis research was in Sport Sociology, and I focused on how to create more space for the female fan in sport culture. My academic journey really shaped the mission of  WCTS. Then I started Women Can Talk Sports™  as a blog in 2012, and now it has my full-time attention!

What do you do for fun? Sports of course. I attend as many live sporting events as possible. I absolutely love to travel, and I try to take full advantage of the amazing music scene in Nashville.

Why did you start WCTS? Talking about sports helped me build relationships quickly in my personal and professional life. However, I found myself wishing I had more knowledge and confidence discussing sports. And as I thought about other women in my life, I knew we all could benefit from a safe place to ask our “silly” questions and have them answered in a simple way. So, that is how the blog got started, and now the mission has grown to include education, advocacy, and community.

Do you know everything about sports now? HA, no.  I always say, You don’t have to know everything, you just have to know something. And that is what WCTS is all about: giving women that “something” to get started. We are all in this together!

What do you tell a woman who says, I don’t care about sports? Usually that means she doesn’t care about what happens on the field or court, but being a fan is about so much more.  There is always something we can connect with whether it’s a player, a storyline, or the social aspect of attending or watching a game. And if it’s because she doesn’t know about sports, that’s an easy fix! Spend 5-10 minutes in our learn section!

A few other things about Taryn…


Anything else?  Just that I really believe in what we are doing here at Women Can Talk Sports™ with all of my heart!

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