Our Top 5 Posts on the Basics of Football

If you need an emergency crash course in football, here are our 5 must read posts.


Flag on the Play!

That little yellow scarf the ref throws onto the field is a FLAG, and it signals that a rule has been broken and a penalty will be enforced on one the teams. Let’s break down the most common reasons a FLAG is thrown during a football game.


Basic Football Formations

WILDCAT, 4-3, 3-4, SHOTGUN… Before the team can run a play, the players must first line up in a formation. Learn a few basic offensive and defensive formations.


Fumble No More, Mastering Sports Lingo

Our Fumble No More segment explains common sports terminology that creeps into everyday conversations. Featured in this post: Fumbles, Formations, Reads, and Audibles.


Do You Have a Favorite Position?

Quarterback or Cornerback? Sound alike…BIG difference. Learn about each football position here!


What’s Your Fantasy?!?

Fantasy Football is EASY, FUN, IMPRESSIVE, and helps you TALK SPORTS! This is why you should be playing Fantasy Football every year!

Football, Fifty Yard Line

Why Is There So Much Math in Football?

Understanding Downs is the most important football concept to unlocking the game. Don’t be intimidated if quick math isn’t your strong suit, downs are easy to understand. So, 1st and 10 here we go!