Social Media Anxiety Deficit Disorder

August 21, 2013

I, Taryn Foshee, suffer from debilitating, paralyzing Social Media Anxiety Deficit Disorder. This self-diagnosis is quite serious for someone who blogs and operates over 13 various social media accounts, but admitting there is problem is the first step toward recovery, right? So, what does Social Media Anxiety Deficit Disorder look like? Let me show you…

I will use my personal experience with Twitter as an example, but it works the same with every evil, I mean useful, social media tool.

  • First, I have an interesting thought or news message to share with the WCTS audience!
  • Write the tweet [Doing great!]
  • Immediately hate the tweet [Anxiety]
  • Read it 10 times over, changing commas and adding synonyms [Anxiety]
  • Start sweating, doubt that anyone will find the tweet remotely amusing or helpful [Anxiety]
  • Delete the message [Deficit]
  • Stare are the blank space where the words used to be [Deficit]
  • Can’t think of anything better to type [Deficit]
  • Suddenly, type a new message! [Genius!]
  • Re-read it and discover it’s the same exact message I just deleted [Anxiety]
  • Then, if I’m able to muster the courage to send the tweet into the social media universe, I become light-headed and feel the desire to disappear for the entire day hoping no one reads the message that just took every ounce of  my being to write and send [Maximum Anxiety Level]
  • OR, most likely, I completely delete the message and walk away. Whew! That was close! [Maximum Deficit Level]

Sound familiar? You aren’t alone!   Never felt that way? Lucky you!

One way I cope with Social Media Anxiety Deficit Disorder on Twitter is Incessant Re-Tweeting. [So lame!]  It’s my white-girl overbite dance move, my go-to fist pump. I mean, if someone else tweeted it first, it must be good, right?  And Now? NOW there’s Google+ and I have to learn all about circles and what to do in those circles, and how to get people in my circle, and how to interact with other circles. AHHHHH!!!!!  Deep…Breath…

Luckily, I have blogging, social media savvy friends who offer great advice like “just hit enter,” and who show by example the true meaning of authentic. Thanks Steve Kamb and Brenna Mader!

So the plan in this: Admit there is a problem (check!), build up my immunity through repeated exposure, get comfortable being uncomfortable, and just in case, keep paper bags nearby.

Although this post isn’t specifically about sports, Women Can Talk Sports is all about finding the confidence in your own voice! We all have struggles and insecurities. This is mine today.

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