What’s Your Fantasy?!?

About this time every year, guys all over the country start compiling their secret lists, excel spreadsheets, cross-referenced documents, and top-secret formulas in preparation for their super serious and stress-ridden fantasy football drafts. Ladies, don’t be left out!

This is why YOU should have your own Fantasy Football Team this year….

(Scroll to the bottom if you’ve never heard of Fantasy Football or need an explanation.)

  • Fantasy Football is EASY.

Don’t let the guys fool you! Playing Fantasy Football doesn’t have to be that hard. I have always used Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football. Not only does it have the players ranked by position, you can even have it auto-draft and pick players for you.  Throughout the season it automatically tracks and enters your points each week = no math for you!

  • Fantasy Football is FUN.

You get to pick the players for your team. You can select players based on ratings and stats, or, lucky for us, headshots are provided for each player. So ladies, you can truly pick your FANTASY football team.

Meet Tim, Tom, and Tony….

The draft can be fun as you compete with your girlfriends to secure the hottest team or the best athletes. You also have to choose a name for your team, so be creative! I have never won a fantasy football league, but I sure do have fun every year.

  •  Fantasy Football is IMPRESSIVE.

It never fails.  Guys always find it impressive when a girl mentions they are part of a fantasy football league. (Again, they like to think it’s sooo hard.) Not that this is about them, but who doesn’t like to be impressive?

  •  Fantasy Football helps you TALK SPORTS.

Managing a Fantasy Football team helps you learn players and positions, exposes you to different teams across the NFL, and keeps you engaged throughout the season. During your draft and while keeping up with the players’ performances each week, you will be learning how to talk sports effortlessly.

So grab some girlfriends, sign up for a Fantasy Football League, pick your team, have FUN, and TALK SPORTS!

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Fantasy Football Explained:

You and some friends decide to have a Fantasy Football League.  (You can sign up for a free league through Yahoo Sports.) Each of you create a team and add players to your team during the fantasy draft. Once the season begins, you are matched with another team in your league to play against each week. The players you select for your team earn points based on their actual, real-life performance in games across the NFL.  The team with the most points wins. Often, there is money involved in Fantasy Leagues, but you can always play for bragging rights, and just to have fun.


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