Why Women Love Tim Tebow

January 10, 2014

To get a woman who knows nothing about sports to talk about sports is easy… just say the name Tim Tebow. He is one of the only athletes my mom, aunts, and 87-year-old grandmother all know.  (Actually, this will probably be the first post that many ladies read simply because it’s about the T-man.)

It’s no secret that women love him.  And why not? He exemplifies what women want…. A man who works hard, has strong convictions, shows emotions, loves his mother, all while oozing good guy charm.


And although I still firmly believe there is a place for Tim Tebow in the NFL, ON THE FIELD, I am (as is my mother, aunts, and 87-year-old grandmother) very excited to see him this fall as a SEC Network analyst. I mean, is anyone terribly disappointed to see him sans helmet … suit and tie…. in High-Definition?  Lucky for us, we got a little preview of Tim behind the desk for the BCS Pre-Game show! The industry reviews have been positive – giving him props for producing good insight with knowledgeable and accurate predictions.

See: Tim Tebow Has Strong Debut (NFL.com)

And I am certain the SEC Network/ESPN also understood in hiring Tebow there was an opportunity to gain more FEMALE viewers. My mother has never watched a BCS title game. Ever. Let alone the pre-game coverage.  But guess who called me Tuesday morning and said, how did you think Tim Tebow did?   Slow Clap for you ESPN.

 P.S. Anyone else notice the purple sharpie that matches the tie and pocket square? #swoon

But you see, sports isn’t just about stats and scores. It’s also people, connections,  stories, and experiences. Tim undoubtedly has a great calling on his life. As a fellow Christian, it’s inspiring and contagious to see him live his faith under such intense public scrutiny. And this is why he will always have fans.

Women Can Talk Sports. Tim Tebow helps. Congrats Tim!  And thanks for a few extra viewers today.

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