Our Top 5 Posts on the Basics of Football

August 26, 2013

College Football kicks off in 4 days! If you need an emergency crash course before the season begins, click on these Top 5 posts on the Basics of Football.

Player Positions

Quarterback or Cornerback? Sound alike…BIG difference.  Learn the basic football player positions and what they do on the field!

1st Down

We’ve all heard, “FIRST DOWN!” But, why is that first down so important? And why are there so many first first downs during a game? Understanding Downs is the most important  concept to unlock the game of football.

Flag on the Play

The little yellow scarf refs throw on the field is known as a FLAG. It signals that a rule has been broken and a penalty will be enforced. Let’s break down the most common reasons a FLAG is thrown during a football game.

Basic Formations

Before the team can run a play, the players must first line up in a formation. Learn to recognize a few basic offensive and defensive formations.

Apps are your friend

Staying up-to-date during football season can be quite overwhelming. So, here is a little hint to make your life easier: Keep a few sports apps at your fingertips!


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